Night Life over Riesel is a large entertainment space station in orbit over Riesel. It was once a decrepit defense station before being converted to house bars, rave rooms, and adult entertainment.


Excerpt from Club Gig:

Night Life over Riesel, a popular social destination in orbit over the titular world, was one of the largest of the hundreds of thousands of rave joints on the backwards crime haven that many beings thoughtlessly referred to as a commercial planet. The club occupied a centuries-old defense station that looked more or less like a giant mushroom.

The bottom, which pointed toward the surface of Riesel like an enormous cannon, possessed a saucer-like maintenance section that was attached to the end of the station's primary shaft structure. The shaft extended away from the world and gradually expanded until it abruptly blossomed out at the main 'cap,' which held many enormous amphitheaters for equally voluminous rave events and measured roughly a third of a mile in diameter.

Four large cylindrical structures clung to the edge of the cap at ninety-degree intervals, having once served the purpose of platforms for massive defense turrets and now housed the adult entertainment sections. Just below the cap were four hangar causeways that were arranged similarly to the turret platforms.

Above the cap sat a large oblate spheroid structure roughly a tenth of a mile in diameter, formerly the home of executive offices and command rooms and now hosting more rave space, dining areas, and a number of rooms available for temporary rent. Altogether, the station measured about half a mile from the tip of the short dorsal communications boom atop the spheroid to its ventral twin.


The club is featured prominently in Club Gig, the second story in the first volume of Riesel Tales: Two Hunters.