The Gatheeph are a clam-like sentient species native to Alanisa. They commonly utilize mechanized suits to get around on other worlds and communicate with aliens.



The average Gatheeph is a large tetravalve mollusk about 3 feet wide. The forward edges of the shell are lined with beady black eyes on short stalks, and there are usually 4-6 tentacles — each with twelve finger-tendrils on the tip — that radiate from the main body and allow the individual to manipulate the environment around them.


When offworld, Gatheeph utilize large exoskeleton suits for mobility and communication. Standard suits utilize gravity repellers for locomotion and two or more arms for manipulation, and stand about 8' to 9' tall. Many Gatheeph also utilize a facial hologram that displays simplistic expressions to convey emotion in accordance with whatever species it encounters.

Notable members



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